It wasn’t shiny or new, but she didn’t care! It was hers! Her dad taught her how to ride and the adventure began: trail making, creating dirt bike games, and an unforgettable friendship for a lifetime. “My Little Red Dirt Bike” is her true story.

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It wasn't trendy and new, but it had everything! She experiences the summer of a lifetime traveling to different places and going on new adventures with her dog named Jammin' by her side. Hitch up the camper and join the fun in this adventurous story, My Little Red Camper. 


For ages 4-10    

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"My Little Red Jalopy is a fun, colorful story that will delight young hearts and minds in both boys and girls. This artfully and skillfully crafted story will make children dream of getting their very own Little Red Jalopy and they will be asking their parents for more stories from My Little Red Adventure Books. Well done!"

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Classic books

The book that started it all...the original My Little Red Dirt Bike.

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