"Reading My Little Red Jalopy was a delight, bringing me back to summer days as a kid, with school far away and a drooling dog in my lap.  The ingredients are simple.  An imaginative writer inspired by the common joys of kid life, coupled with outstanding artwork. The result is true reading indulgence.  Like all truly great Children's books, I enjoy it as much as my grandkids."

- Dan Cooley

  Author Bizarre Bible Stories  

"We have this book available for our young girls who visit the motorcycle museum.  It offers girls a different outlook on dirt bikes, stirring their imagination to wonder...what adventures could they experience on a little red dirt bike?"

-Hill Country Motorheads

  Vintage Motorcycle Museum

"This charming book brings kids and families back to a simpler time.  The story comes to life with adorable, captivating artwork.  And a delightful surprise at the end will be sure to please.  May the adventures continue!"

-Catherine DeVries

  Author and children's publishing professional

"Reading My Little Red Camper made me want to have my own red camper!  I believe children's stories should inspire, delight and teach.  My Little Red Camper ticks all three boxes!"

-Melissa Detwiler

  Creator of The Adventures of Henry the Sports Bug